Kent County

Kent County FarmhouseKent County is the county located in the middle of the state. It is home to around 150,000 people and is made up of approx 590 square miles of land and contains three cities – Dover, Milford and Harrington. Much of the county is rural playing host to poultry farms, cattle farms and grain farming. The soils fall into three regions: the poorly drained, treeless tidal marshes along the Delware Bay; the center section with a wide belt of well-drained fertile farming land; and the western side which is flat and very poorly drained.

Residential Inspections in Kent County

As with Sussex County, Kent is also relatively flat with portions of it ranging from sea level on the eastern edge to approx 100 feet above on the western edge. The change in soil and elevation brings its own set of potential problems. Mold and insects tend to like the moist fertile soil over the dry sandy soil in the south.

As a professional inspector in Kent County, we pay close attention to drainage problems, water quality, mold and termites. Kent County is also the southern line of the presence of radon so those inspections are encouraged a little more often.

Commercial Inspections in Kent County

Our commerical services can benefit the large agriculture and poultry growers population as well as the individual entrepreneur. Since many of the areas historical homes are being converted to commercial businesses in an effort to preserve them, we have the technology to assess those structures without having to damage your walls.

We also offer needs assessment, strategic plan assistance, facilities condition assessment, insurance claims documentation, winterization, de-winterization and much more!