New Castle County

New Castle County InspectionsNew Castle County is the northernmost county in the state. It is home to almost 600,000 people and is made up of approx 426 square miles of land. It is neighbored by Pennsylvania to the north and Maryland to the west. Though it is the smallest, it is the most populated and affluent of the three counties in the state.

Residential Inspections in New Castle County

Much of the population is located in cities, towns and subdivisions. Unlike the counties downstate, a large portion of the residents are able to utilize municipal sewer and water so there are less individual wells and septic systems. Radon is more prevalent upstate so testing becomes more important.

Pro-spect is qualified to assess and inspect individual homes, townhomes, apartment buildings, office buildings and warehouses. We have all the tools necessary to do a complete and thorough review of your property.

Commercial Inspections in New Castle County

There is a large commercial market in this county. With the institution of the Unified Development Code (UDC), designed to slow down development, new buildings must go through an arduous process of application and approval.

The large amount of subdivisions located in the county also bring their own set of concerns. Homeowners’ or neighborhood associations are responsible for roadways withing neighborhoods and developments as well as stormwater management facilities within those areas.

Pro-spect can assist you with needs assessment, strategic plan assistance, condition assessment and insurance claim documentation.