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Irrigation Inspection

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Irrigation Inspection

Throughout the long, hot summer, you rely on your lawn irrigation system to keep your yard green and thriving.

Having that sprinkler system in top working order is critical. Otherwise, your lawn would start to become dry and brown, and you might be forced to water it manually just to keep it limping along.

Have you ever had your sprinkler system inspected? If it’s been several years since it was installed and you suspect that some parts of it just aren’t working the way they used to, then it’s time to give us a call. At Pro-Spect, irrigation system inspection is one of our specialties.

Likewise, if you are considering purchasing a home that has a sprinkler system, then you may want us to inspect that system along with the rest of the house. When the hot, dry summer arrives, it’s essential that your sprinkler system is ready to perform. This not only saves you time but also money in the form of reduced water waste.

Before you close the deal on that new house, call Pro-Spect for a sprinkler system inspection. Our expert inspectors can help you make a smart buying decision.

Why It’s Important to Have a Sprinkler System Inspected

Most people are satisfied if their sprinkler system turns on when it’s supposed to and gets the lawn wet.

For instance, maybe that system is plagued by low water pressure, in which case your lawn isn’t getting as much hydration as it needs. On the other hand, maybe the water pressure is dialed too high. This means that your sprinklers actually may be damaging your lawn and plants. Excessive pressure further may mean that you’re simply using too much water, which translates to water bills that are far more expensive than they should be.

When you have an inspection performed, the inspector can ensure that your sprinkler system is using the perfect amount of water to keep your yard green without anything going to waste. Moreover, an inspection can help you correct problems that would otherwise cause your sprinkler system to fail well before its time.

What’s Involved in an Irrigation Inspection?

At Pro-Spect, we specialize in providing high-quality, thorough inspections of your property, and that includes sprinkler system inspections. The process begins with a site inspection. We’ll take a look at any problem areas that you may have noticed, but our inspections go much further than this as we work to uncover any issues that may be causing your system to operate at less than optimal standards.

With the inspection complete, the inspector will make recommendations concerning repairs and adjustments. These may include changing the system’s operating parameters with regard to range and water pressure, the covered areas, the volume of discharged water and others.

Avoid Sprinkler System Breakdowns with Inspections

Our professional inspectors serve homes and commercial sites across Delaware, Pennsylvania and Maryland. If you are concerned that your sprinkler system is leaking, has pressure problems or just isn’t functioning as well as it should, call Pro-Spect today.

With flexible scheduling, we are able to visit your property to perform an inspection whenever it makes sense for you. Call us today to solve all of your sprinkler system problems.

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