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Pool & Spa Inspection

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Pool & Spa Inspection

Have you always dreamed of having a pool or spa on your property? Perhaps you’ve been looking for a new home, and you’re delighted to find that it has one or both of these features.

If this is the case, then it’s critical that you schedule a comprehensive pool and spa inspection before you close the deal. You don’t want to discover any major issues with these features after negotiations are concluded.

Or, what if you already have a pool and spa? Chances are good that your family loves using them whenever the opportunity arises. In fact, the pool and spa are so important to your family’s enjoyment, you want to make certain that they are in excellent working order and completely safe to use.

Once again, a pool and spa inspection could save the day. Ask one of our inspectors to come out to your house to take a look at your pool and spa. We can alert you to any problems so that you can head them off before they turn into emergencies.

For all of your pool & spa inspection needs, turn to Pro-Spect. We are a local, full-service inspection company serving properties in the states of Delaware, Pennsylvania and Maryland. If you are in need of an inspection, call us first.


Why Are Pool & Spa Inspections Necessary?

Your pool and hot tub are relatively complex systems that may have numerous seals, moving parts and other components that can wear down with time and regular use. Accordingly, repairs may be needed based on expected wear and tear.

However, sometimes an undetected problem with installation or a slip-up in maintenance can lead to additional, unexpected repairs.


What kind of problems might you run into with a pool or spa?

The inspector might find that the lining is worn out, that the surfacing is deteriorating or that the walls are cracking. Repairs to the pool’s main structure easily can cost thousands of dollars.

Sometimes, it is the equipment that is used with the pool & spa that shows signs of wear. Components such as the motor, pump, filter or heater all can have problems. Many of these will need to be replaced during the life of the pool. These generally are less expensive to repair or replace than a structural issue, but they do still need to be addressed for your family to make the most out of the pool.

Another relatively common problem is plumbing leaks. Water may be pumped from the pool through a number of pipes. It must travel through the heater, filter and potentially other components. With all of these pipes and other plumbing components, leaks are almost guaranteed to happen at some point. Fortunately, an inspector is trained to look for these issues.


What About Safety?

Are your pool and hot tub set up to be as safe as possible? Our inspectors are trained to identify any potential safety issues that may cause problems for your family or anyone else who might gain access to your pool area.

In general, it’s wise to provide a fence or other barrier around the pool and hot tub to ensure that unauthorized or unattended people or children cannot get into your pool. This protects you from expensive liability issues. Our inspectors will let you know if your fencing isn’t up to accepted safety standards.

The inspector further will look at the electrical systems, including GFCIs, which are associated with the pool. Railings, ladders, and steps will be examined for potential problems, and the lighting system will be reviewed from a safety standpoint.


Trust Pro-Spect to Inspect Your Pool

Whether you live in Delaware, Southeast Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, or Eastern Shore Maryland, you can rely on Pro-Spect to provide comprehensive inspection services. The pool and spa are wonderful gathering places for family, friends, and neighbors, so it makes sense that you would want to keep them in top working order while also ensuring that they are completely safe to use.

Call Pro-Spect today to schedule a thorough, convenient, and efficient inspection that will uncover any problems so that you can get them fixed.

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