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Water Testing

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Water Testing

Are you considering buying a home that has a well to provide drinking water?

If so, then there are several things you should know.

A well can be a clean, healthy, and relatively inexpensive water source. Many people will tell you that well water just tastes better than water that is treated by a municipality. Moreover, well water is the environmentally friendly way to go.

Nonetheless, it pays to be aware that private wells usually are not regulated by any government agency. When you get your water from the city, then part of the water bill that you pay covers the cost of regularly testing the water to ensure that it is clean and safe to drink.

However, no one is testing your well water unless you hire someone to do so. When was the last time you had your well water tested?

If you’re buying a home that gets drinking water from a well, don’t you want to know for certain that the water is clean and safe?

In both scenarios, the answer is to ask for water testing by Pro-Spect. It’s an affordable project, and one that keeps you and your family safe. Contact Pro-Spect today to ask about having your well water tested in Delaware, Pennsylvania or Maryland.


Why Should You Test Your Well Water?


The contaminants that may make their way into a well frequently are not detectable by the human senses. This means that you cannot see, smell or taste them. Nonetheless, they can make you sick.

This is why it’s critical that your well water be tested on a regular basis. Nonetheless, there is no set schedule for how frequently individual wells should be tested. That’s because testing frequency depends upon numerous factors such as recent changes to the plumbing on the property, whether or not there are any indications of contaminants, the source of the water and any unexplained illness that may have affected more than one family member.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency estimates that some 23 million Americans use wells for their drinking water. The source of the water may be groundwater, a cistern or a stream. While some states have set regulations that are designed to protect people with private water sources, the EPA cautions that it is the responsibility of well owners to have water testing on regular basis.


What Do Water Tests Look For?


When an inspector from Pro-Spect comes out to test your well water, he uses standards known as Maximum Contaminant Levels, or MCLs. These standards were established by the EPA in an effort to protect Americans against drinking water that has unsafe levels of contaminants.

We always test for nitrates, nitrites and bacteria such as E. Coli and coliform, and if you have other concerns, you can request that your inspector tests for different contaminants as well!

If you are buying a home, then the type of testing that is required may expand. For instance, people who have applied for FHA, VA or USDA loans may be required to have a battery of water testing completed before the transaction can be completed. Be certain to let us know that testing the well water is part of your loan requirements so that we can carry out the tests in the most expeditious manner possible.


Call Pro-Spect Today


Are you ready to make sure that your well water is as safe to drink as it is delicious? Give the experts at Pro-Spect a call today.

We are a local, full-service home inspection company serving Delaware, Pennsylvania and Maryland. With our flexible scheduling, knowledge and expertise, we are ready to put your mind at ease whether you are buying a home that is served by a well or just want to make certain that your water is as clean as it needs to be.

Contact Pro-Spect today to gain peace of mind tomorrow.

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